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ZZICEC Statement

 This is to advise that the ZZICEC's management is evaluating all matters very seriously with regard to the COVID 19 issue.  We are following official websites for any and all updates on the subject both for staff and facility related topics as well as any advice regarding public assembly related topics.

    We are following all local and national health guidelines and advisories.  We are communicating as management every day to enhance procedures and enforcement consistent with these advisories.  We are monitoring all employee health status.

    It is also worthy to note that we are strictly following advised procedures, we believe, related to general maintenance recommendations in the current guidelines and advisories. 

    We are communicating with organisers in order to assist them in rescheduling postponed or cancelled events later this year or in 2021.

    We are preparing for the resumption of business as and when it is safe and sound to do so in cooperation with the relevant government authorities.

    We will update further in due course.





18 February 2020